Welcome to The Glasgow School of Yarn

October 23rd to 25th 2020


About GSoY

Hey. We're back! Did you miss us?

The Yarn Cake will be celebrating its 10th birthday (!) on October 23rd 2020 and if that isn't an excuse for a party, we don't know what is.

What is The Glasgow School of Yarn, you ask?

It started life as a yarny party to celebrate The Yarn Cake's first birthday, back in 2011! Through a series of coincidences, sheer dumb luck and a fair amount of hard work, we found ourselves hosting a two day event in collaboration with the Mackintosh Society in the beautiful Mackintosh Church. We had a fabulous, if small by today's standards, marketplace showcasing mostly local talent. We somehow convinced an amazing roster of tutors to come and teach at a newbie event: Amy Singer of Knitty and Stephen West, who both joined in the celebrations with their own birthdays; as well as Carol Feller and Ann Kingstone. It was such a success we kept going, annually, until 2015...at which point organiser Antje had a wean and life got significantly more complicated. 
So we've been on hiatus since then. BUT! It'll be The Yarn Cake's tenth anniversary on October 23rd 2020 and the child is significantly less hands on, so it seemed a good time to bring GSoY back! Sadly we won't be at the Mackintosh Church this time round, but we're confident the Trades Hall will allow us to host an event that still has the same friendly vibe we've always been proud of.


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