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Meet the Tutors

Here are just some of our wonderful tutors this year, more to be announced!

Janette Fair Isle.jpeg

Saturday 13:00 - 16:00 - £60

Fair Isle Knitting with Janette Budge

A class for those new to Fair Isle or stranded knitting. You will learn how to attach new colours, read a chart, carry  yarn at the back (floats), achieve an even tension, get tips on colour choice and motifs, and suggestions for beginner’s projects. The class is open to all ages.

What You Need To Bring: Either 3-4 short DPNS or 3 long DNS and knitting belt in size 3mm or 3.5mm suitable for small circumference knitting. Scissors and a Tapestry needle is also required.

Sunday 11:45-13:15 - £45

Steeking with Janette Budge

In this 2 hour class Janette will take the fear out of cutting your knitting.  She will show you 3 ways to reinforce your steek and how to pick up stitches for a rib or button band in your project.
Knitting homework is required for this class and a general understanding of stranded or fair isle knitting is beneficial.

What You Need To Bring: Either 3-4 short DPNS or 3 long DNS and knitting belt in size 3mm or 3.5mm suitable for small circumference knitting. Scissors, a small crochet hook and a Tapestry needle is also required.

Steeking (1).jpg

Sunday 10:30-11:15 - £10

The History of the Shetland Knitting Belt- a Talk with Janette Budge

A talk on the history of knitting belts, showing the straw and feather sheaths used before and how leather belts evolved. In this talk Janette will discuss their benefits and how they are used to allow walking and knitting, along with what life was like 100 + years ago when they began using leather knitting belts.  Included in the talk are photos from the Shetland Museum and Archives Collection. Janette will also have her belt to give a live demonstration and talk about its continued use today in Shetland.

Photo Credit: 'Foula' colourised by the Stories of Scotland Podcast and taken in 1902 by HB Curwen

 Saturday : 6:30-9:30pm - £80

Play with Colour: Introduction to Hand Dyeing with Lisa Harland - SOLD OUT

Have you ever wanted to dye your own squish? We are so excited to announce that we our hosting a workshop with one of our very own hometown dyers! Lisa of For the Love of Yarn is hosting an exclusive GSOY workshop in her brand new studio space just a hop skip and a jump away from our venue.

Spend your weekend squishing all the things at gsoy but keep your Saturday night free for some creative fun! Learn to dye with an award winning dyer.

Included in your ticket you will dye 5 different minis to take home, Lisa will cover dye theory, colour matching and various techniques. Coffee, tea and cake is also on hand.

*Choose to dye more yarn on the night of you wish at an additional fee of £10 per 100g

Lisa 2.jfif

Saturday 10:45-12:45 - £45

Intro to Brioche with Samira Hill - SOLD OUT

In this 2 hour class Samira will cover how Brioche works, how to cast on, cast off, and work reversible Simple Brioche in 2 colours.  This is a fantastic introduction to the world of Brioche knitting.

Saturday 14:45-16:45 - £45

Lace Knitting with Samira Hill

Always fancied having a go at knitting beautiful, delicate lace? This 2 hour workshop will cover the techniques of lace knitting using a beautiful scarf pattern which will be provided as part of the class. You will be able to use the techniques covered here in any project, as you will learn the principles of lace and how to read lace charts in a pattern.


Mini Classes

Come along to one of our mini classes this year, covering everything from Spindle Spinning to Crocheting our iconic GSoY rose.  We have fantastic tutors in Kristen Salzer-Frost and Alex Effinger who will be delighted to teach you new crafting skills.

GSoY Talks

New to GSoY this year we have an exciting range of talks from a diverse range of speakers.  From the ethics of sheep farming through to the burning question of whether you can knit in zero gravity all will be answered!

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